Here's my story:

From a young age I learned the only way I could survive was to be creative. Okay that sounds dramatic, but really, growing up I was forced to find my own forms of entertainment. Running around my grandparents property, swinging sticks as if they were swords, and imagining my own fantasy battles, was my preferred method of recreation. When I was too tired from battling imaginary dragons my grandfather would plop me down in front of Star Wars or Predator. It's no wonder I ended up where I am today.

Enter teenage Nolan and his first gaming PC. Gaming changed my life. I'll spare you the details but from my first match of Starcraft to Magic: The Gathering Tournaments, to being introduced to board games, gaming has been a cornerstone of my growth as an individual and as an artist.

Shortly after graduating college I landed my first freelance gig with a board game company that would set me down a path I never imagined I'd be on.


Gamer Chic with an Artist's Touch.


Through the years of gaming, Nolan has found that the best way to express himself is with unique takes on old concepts. When he's not exploring the world he spends most of his time at his desk or with friends gaming. So of course he creates artwork that would help beautify and enrich the spaces in which he dwells the most. Today, he takes most of his time painting, writing and creating his worlds from his home office. He still makes time to practice new techniques and exhibits at conventions all around the country.